How a good castle will protect against an apartment or at home

The steel door is deservedly considered the most effective protection. Only they, using their strong structure, will not allow all homewriters to profit from your good. Indeed, if they chose an excellent door and, importantly – it was professionally installed, then the thieves will have no chance to hack it and penetrate your house.

But she has one vulnerable place – these are weak locks opened by thieves quite quickly.

“Specialists” use the “advanced” technology on the castles, which consists in the fact that they simply knock out the larva from the cylinder castle, using a small sledgehammer for this. To prevent this from happening, you need to close the larva with special armor overlays.

But this is one side of the coin, but there is another, using a powerful plumbing key, the lock larva can be pulled back. Here you already need to install streamlined, not ordinary armor overlays.

There is another hacking of the castle – drilling the larvae. But here you can leave thieves, with nothing if you choose the larvae that will spin around your axis. And the use of a drill becomes meaningless.

But now very often on the doors, legged locks are installed, but they, if there are desires, can be hacked. Drilling of rigels was particularly popular. To prevent this from happening, you need to close the crossbars with steel hollow cylinders. The thief will try to try in vain, leading a saw on the skeleton, he will not succeed, since the cylinders will also move along with the canvas of the saw.

When choosing a door lock, always remember one condition – the castle is more expensive, the safety of the apartment is higher. And safety was always expensive ..

In addition to theft, it is worth fearing fires, especially on an industrial scale. Therefore, on the territory of each enterprise, several closed cabinets are installed in which there is a fire hydrant, or an inventory for extinguishing a fire. The staff is studying the rules for extinguishing fires and getting acquainted with the places of installation of hydrants.

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