How to perform a soundproofing floor

To significantly reduce noise level and increase housing comfort, a method such as sound insulation of the floor is used. Therefore, recently, the sound insulation of the floor is very popular, both in apartments and in offices and other rooms.

In order to perform this procedure, it is not necessary to resort to the help of professionals. You can put the sound insulation on the floor yourself, which will significantly reduce the consumption of funds when repairing housing.

To qualitatively make insulation, you will need mineral wool or foam that reinforces the metal mesh and concrete solution. First, it is necessary to remove the old coating from the floor. If there are chips and cracks on the floor, then they need to be sealed with a cement mortar.

After the preparation work has been completed, you need to start laying insulating plates, foam or cotton wool. Any material needs to be laid out and carefully monitor that there are no gaps. Then the floor surface is reinforced. For this, a galvanized metal grid is used, the size of the mesh cells should be 2-6 cm. To make reinforcement efficiently, the grid needs to be put evenly, without waves. When the grid is laid, an additional narrow layer of insulation (3-5 cm) is laid over the entire area of ​​the room.

The final stage of soundproofing work is the filling of the screed. Filling is single -layer and two -layer. In the first version, the guide beacons are installed at an equal distance from each other, and concrete is poured over their height. The second option is more complicated, first a black concrete solution is poured. After it dries, the floor is equal to the self -leveling mixture, this work is carried out with a needle roller. This method is convenient when laying parquet .

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