What is contracting construction

The construction is very diverse and difficult, therefore often on its own, within the boundaries of the so -called “economic” way to not cope with it. Then it is necessary to hire people from the side. This is the essence of a contracted approach to the construction of any buildings.

Contracting construction

A similar construction method allows you to shift part or even the entire amount of work to the shoulders of the organization or brigade hired for this. At the same time, the work is drawn up strictly under a contract, which indicates both the composition, volume and structure of the construction work performed, as well as their specific cost, and, often, the schedule of execution.

A similar method of construction has an obvious advantage over traditional economic. The contractor has experience in performing such work. He often has a good material and production base, highly qualified workers, and, as a result, work with this method of organization is carried out much more quickly and better.

Construction contractors

Contractors with this approach can be both legal and individuals who have accreditation, admission or qualifications to perform this type of work. The corresponding agreement is concluded with them, in which the procedure for conducting work and the procedure for their payment are scheduled for both the procedure.

All concerns about the quality, terms and correction of the shortcomings allowed during the construction of shortcomings are now lying on the contractor’s shoulders. Payment of work is carried out only after signing the acts of acceptance and transfer of work performed and can be carried out in any way prescribed in the contract.

In addition to the main or general contractor, subcontracting workers who are hired by the contractor may well participate in a similar method of construction. As a rule, the need for them arises if it is necessary to carry out some special and high-tech work. In this case, the subcontracting agreement is concluded and the contractor is already becoming the customer. He monitors the quality and organization of work with all subcontractors.

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