Geometric features of radiators

The radiator should never be placed on its own, he is obliged to fit into the overall composition and interior of the house. Thus, a very short or too long battery does not look symmetrically and even funny against the background of the general panorama of the wall. It is inappropriate to hid the radiator from excess eyes behind the curtain or a large vase, and in especially “heavy” cases, the batteries have to be hidden behind cabinets or sofas, which is extremely not recommended. It is impossible to close radiators in any case, since, thus, their thermal return decreases.

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A radiator, in front of which any obstacle stands, works only eighty percent of its power. You can never close the radiators from above by any objects, especially those that are easily ignited, this is fraught with the occurrence of a fire or can lead to overheating of the radiator and its breakdown. A protective shelf is mainly installed over the radiators (in the event that the radiator is not placed under the windowsill), the regiment is necessary so that the wall does not get dirty from the flow of warm air, and the heat itself does not go into the ceiling, and is evenly distributed through the room.

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