How best to build a foundation for a fireplace

The construction of the foundation for the fireplace begins with the fact that a pit with a depth of 20 to 40 centimeters is dug up in the soil coating, then the bottom is aligned in level, the tamping is compacted.

The first row must be filled with small stones or bricks without solutions, compacting them with tamping. Stones that will be thoroughly compacted, pour in a liquid solution. After that, you can start the main masonry, while you need to regularly check the horizontal layers of stone and bricks. If the soil is raw, it is advisable to make the foundation in its lower part of stone materials and only the upper part of the bricks. The foundation must be made so that it is wider than the base of the fireplace stove five centimeters on each side.

The parties on the outer part are built by the well as ordinary walls in half a brick, while you need to carefully bandage the seams. Stones, broken bricks are poured inside such a well and a liquid solution is poured. The foundation should end on the second row of bricks below the floor level. Before the last of the rows, bricks are laid for waterproofing, which should protect the furnace from damp. It is impossible to connect the foundation of the furnace and foundation at home. The distance should be at least five centimeters, and the gap must be filled not with clay, but with sand.

If everything is built perfectly, the outflow of smoke through chimneys should be carried out laminarly, that is, in the form of uniform flows without swirling. For this reason, the internal walls of the chimneys are made smooth. This is of great importance when chimneys are formed by brickwork. In order for the masonry seam do not have influxes, it is thoroughly rubbed.

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