Install door locks

Installing the lock in the door, you must be extremely carefully, since when you make holes in the door you can damage the door itself. Only for this reason, many decide to invite a professional. In general, the work on installing the lock is not complicated.

First you need to choose a lock. The following types of locks are distinguished: overhead and metal. The easiest way to install, of course, is the overhead castle, t. To. It does not provide for the installation of the structure. You only need to make a hole so that you can interconnect two parts of the lock, which are located on both sides of the door. The cut lock will take you a little more time and effort. Install such locks not lower than 90-110 cm above the height of the floor. Having made a small hole in the door, it will need to be slightly expanded. To do this, you will need a bit or a chisel, which you will expand the hole.

The front bar should be placed flush to the plane or the edge of the door bar. Next, insert the lock into the hole for “fitting”. With a pencil with strokes, draw a bar. Cut the desired thickness in the hole. Insert the core of the castle again. Check if the lock is tightly applied. The same dimensions of the bar must be placed on the door itself. We also make a hole in the door with a drill and a bit. The location of the opening on the door must correspond to the location of the key of the castle. Then you should fix the screws with the help of screws the lock itself. Next, you need to check how the lock works, whether the key is easily inserted and rotated.

When installing locks, the most important thing is attentiveness and caution. Therefore, the slightest incorrect movement of a bite or chisel and your door will lose all the attractiveness.

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