Comparison of the types of pools of inflatable and frame

With the approach of the hot season, the demand for pools begins to grow steadily. Not every owner of a private country house can afford to build a capital pool and provide him with proper care. From this point of view, inflatable and frame pools are presented as the most optimal alternative.

An inflatable pool is an opportunity to equip a place for bathing the whole family outdoors in a matter of hours. In addition, an inflatable pool with the same ease can be quickly devastated, blowing up, and put it back into the trunk of a car, if you decide to take an inflatable pool with you to the reservoir to organize safe bathing for kids. Small inflatable pools are the simplest and most common options, however, there are very large pools in which not only children can swim, but also adults. Modern inflatable pools of large containers are made of multi -layer materials, which allows you to use an inflatable pool for more than one season. An inflatable pool is a wonderful way to make leisure in the country fun and comfortable. Frame pools are a magnificent alternative monolithic, because, like stationary pools, they can have not only a round, but also a rectangular shape. The strength of the frame is so large that the pool can have a length of up to 10 meters, while this is all the same inflatable pool. The frames are made of metal or PVC, and for each pool, depending on the calculated load, its own frame system is selected. In the same way as for the installation of the most ordinary inflatable pool, it will take no more than two hours to install the frame, and only one condition should be observed – to choose an even flat platform for installation.

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