How to install roller shutters

First, in the purchased set of roller shutters, you need to find guides that will subsequently attach to the slopes of windows or doors. In these guides, as a rule, there should already be drilled holes, if for some reason they are not, you can do it yourself using a drill. Next, you need to choose how to fix the guides themselves. It can be self -tapping screws or bolts.

The choice of fastening method depends on the materials from which the slopes are made at the installation site, as well as on the weight of the profile canvas. You can opt for long self -tapping screws or deep dowels, which are the most reliable.

Next, you need to carefully check whether there are between the walls and the installed guide cracks. This error is quite common, especially in those who make the installation of roller -overnight for the first time. The appearance of cracks in the openings can entail, after some time, malfunctions in the functioning of the structure, and snow, rain and so on can also get there. A place where the appearance of cracks is possible, it is recommended to additionally compact with mounting foam.

Next, you need to fix the box itself of the structure, which will include a profile canvas. There are several ways to fasten the box: inside the opening, outside the opening and directly in the opening itself. The most popular of them is the fastening of the opening outside, because the ability to install a box in the opening does not always exist, and even more so, in the room itself. When installing roller shutters, all fasteners and guides must be set strictly by level, since the slightest error during installation can reduce all the work done. The box inside the opening is installed to increase protection against hacks.

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