The first bedding appeared in Egypt

This invention has been known for a very long time. At 4000 years ago, people came up with instead of sleeping on stones or on a tree, laying on top of the flooring. The first, of course, the great ancient Egyptians came up with this.

Fabrics in Egypt in those years attached special significance. She meant a lot both in everyday life and in the afterlife. No wonder the pharaohs were wrapped with so many sheets. Of course these were not sheets, but their prototypes.

In the Middle Ages, the prototype of bedding was skins of various animals. They were given for special merits, hung like jewelry. There were a lot of applications for such things.

A little later, already 200-300 years ago, bedding acquired its usual outlines. True, at first it was the subject of luxury and it was far from accessible to everyone. But over time, everything has changed. We have long been counting any bedding by everyday life, a variety of shapes, colors and texture is unlikely to surprise us. And this is still good, there is a huge progress of mankind in this. Yes, this is not the most important invention, but the thing is very useful and necessary. It is very good that in ancient times people have come up with this and the idea passed a year before our modern time.

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