How to build a pool in a sauna yourself

Before starting the construction of the pool, you need to solve a few very important issues: decide on whether you can cope with such a difficult work alone, purchase all the construction materials necessary for building and very carefully familiarize yourself with the sequence of construction work. By the way, the concrete pool is considered the most durable, reliable and durable.

Having decided on the size and location of the pool, do not forget that the walls of the house should in no case in contact with the walls of the bowl of the future pool. Even with a small size, about 10 tons of water will enter the pool, which will create very strong pressure on the walls.

First you need to dig a boiler of a suitable size, given the depth of the future pool. Next in the pit, install the reinforcement, which will be the basis or in a different “skeleton” of the pool bowl. Then you should think over and carry out all the necessary eyeliner and lay pipes.

The most important stage in the construction of the pool is the manufacture of the concrete bowl itself, the bottom and walls of which should be a single whole. Choosing concrete, it is best to dwell on a brand having the highest water absorption coefficient. Before filling the bowl with concrete, you need to think about where the bottom plums, nozzles, underwater lamps, etc. will be located. D. Concrete should be poured into a pit with reinforcement and the foundation continuously, in one layer. Next, you need to wait for the complete drying of the thicket, which can leave from one to three months. Do not rush at this stage.

After complete drying, the concrete bowl must be plastered using special waterproof compounds. It is necessary to achieve the effect of the smooth and even surface of the side walls and the bottom of the bowl. Next, the surface of the bowl must be covered with material with water -repellent properties. You can clad a bowl with ceramic tiles, a special PVC film or mosaic. When facing tiles, you need to leave a little more than the distance between the individual tiles and use the softer glue and the paste than when facing walls in the same bathroom. This will help to avoid microcracks formed under the pressure of water. Using PVC film, do not forget to put geotextiles under it, which can protect the film from damage and condensate. The most reliable, durable and expensive way of facing is a mosaic.

Next, it is necessary to connect all communications and equipment, which include stairs, filters, pumps. At the final stage, it will be necessary to let water into the finished pool.

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