How to choose a quality bath

The final stage of the repair of the bathroom is the choice of plumbing, the quality of which depends on the material of the performance, and the functionality – on the type and modification. It should be safe, reliable and hygienic.

The shower cabin allows you to more economically consume water and requires a minimum of installation space, but you will not work to soak up in it, reading your favorite magazine. And if the size of the bathroom does not allow you to install both a bath and a shower at the same time, the choice will depend exclusively on personal wishes. Modern baths are devices of various shapes – from rectangular to triangular. They can be not only white, but also colored. Both ordinary models and a jacuzzi with many pleasant functions are presented on sale. The more options, the higher the cost will be. Produce baths from steel, cast iron, acrylic and porcelain. Each of these materials has its own characteristics.

When choosing the shape and material of the bath execution, it should be borne in mind that it should harmoniously fit into the interior and combine with the rest of the atmosphere objects. Therefore, it is better to purchase accessories, plumbing, and furniture in one store. Pltekhswit offers customers the widest range of absolutely all types of plumbing equipment, accessories and furniture. This allows you to choose all objects for arranging a bath that will perfectly complement each other.

Steel baths have a low cost and appropriate performance characteristics. They do not keep warm. Thin steel baths can bend. They are purchased if you need a cheap and light bath. Unlike them, cast iron products perfectly hold heat and are durable. Modern cast -iron bathtub models have a much more attractive appearance than their predecessors.

The most environmentally friendly material for the production of plumbing is porcelain. Baths from it are easy to care for, durable and very convenient, represented by products of various shades. But the most popular were baths from a special type of plastic – acrylic. Products from it have an affordable cost, look very modern, easy to repair and restoration. And the thicker the acrylic bathtub used in the manufacture, the stronger and better it is.

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