How to choose high -quality kitchen coatings

Want a warm and cozy kitchen? Pay attention to which floor covering is used in your kitchen. Probably an ideal option would be to use tiles as a finishing material for the kitchen floor. It has greater strength and reliability, is not afraid of mechanical influences, moisture resistance and, moreover, tiles are not the most expensive finishing material. Any pollution from the tiles are easily removed, whether it is fat or ordinary dirt. All this can be removed using a conventional detergent. You will also need a parquet cycle cheaply hold it better with your own hands.

As for the fact that the tile is cold material, this problem is easily solved. You just have to mount a special heating system “Warm Paul”, and you can walk around the floor in the kitchen barefoot even in winter.

You can also use laminate for the kitchen. Of course he has not such properties as the tiles. But if you lay a laminate with a special water -repellent coating, then you can calmly wash the floor in the kitchen, at least several times a day. He is also not afraid of mechanical damage. You can use linoleum. When operating it, it must be remembered that after heavy furniture, traces will remain on such coating. If you accidentally drop a knife or other sharp object, you can harm such a floor covering. The choice remains for you, in any case.

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