What are land work on the site

Problems with excavation work, and with digging the foundation for the arrangement of the foundation for the country house, maybe quite a lot. This stage is very important, its execution must be strictly controlled from the very beginning to the very end. In this case, it is best for owners of summer houses to read the consumed material in avoiding probable errors when building. At this period of construction, the best assistant will be a water level. The reality is that any plot of land must have a certain slope, even the smallest, but sometimes this slope can be directed to the wallpaper – which is along the length of the site, which is the width of the site. It is necessary to find the lower point in one of the corners of the marking of the foundation of the structure, and the depths of the foundation of the foundation is already counting on it. This is most important when the area for construction was not aligned. But if the area was previously aligned, then the depth of the foundation of the foundation will be uniform in any of its points. By the way, now it is popular . /, many there are now buying furniture for home.

So when arranging the foundation, if you do not level the sites, so the difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the site will be fifteen centimeters, although the site will look even. This foundation can be made by a depth of forty centimeters that there was a maximum size for a floating type of foundation for a country house of a certain size according to plan. For such a foundation, a sand pillow is required, having a thickness of up to fifteen centimeters. As a result, the depth of the foundation of the foundation will be fifty -five centimeters from the level of the base of the soil at the lower point. The bottom of the foundation pit is strictly necessary to make a horizontal species, which ensures to achieve a water level.

Most workers can dig a pit by eye, and then try to achieve the required level with sand. But the sand gives a shrinkage in any case, as a result of which the foundation can bend over a certain number of years. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out rigid control over the excavation types of work during the construction of the foundation.

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