How to lay linoleum correctly

Many newcomers are wondering “how to lay linoleum?”Despite the fact that today you can find a huge variety of floor materials in the market, linoleum to this day remains the most popular. He gained his popularity due to a low price, simplicity of laying.

Before you find out how to lay linoleum, it is necessary to determine the type of coating that will be laid on the floor. It is better to choose natural linoleum, it is most favorable in terms of security. It is made of flax oil, sometimes add wood flour and natural dyes. Thanks to this, linoleum has antistatic properties. Natural linoleum will be somewhat more expensive than ordinary.

Linoleum is a soft and plastic material, so all the errors of its styling can be very visible. So the first thing you need to prepare the foundation. The best base for the floor is a self -leveling screed. It is also allowed to lay linoleum on plywood. On linoleum it will be possible to easily put the cabinet of the economy coupe or other furniture. You may not worry for the fact that the surface of the floor is scratched. Linoleum – sufficiently strong material.

After purchasing a linoleum roll, it is recommended to leave the material for several days in the room where you plan to lay it. So it will pass acclimatization. After you need to roll out linoleum to the entire width and leave it in this state for several hours so that it straightens. The technology of laying linoleum does not provide direct gluing it to the floor, if it is not a commercial linoleum. At the final stage, the plinth is glued. They are attached directly to the wall.

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