How to create a compost hole in a summer cottage

The creation of a compost pit is usually necessary in a summer or personal plot, but it is not rare that this hole becomes an apple of discord between the neighbors, since it has a not -so -neat appearance and unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is better to choose a place for the construction of this pit away from neighbors, and from the eyes also away. For construction, they dig a small ditch, the width of which is 60 cm, and the depth 50 cm. Weeds, foliage are laid on the bottom of this pit, and in more shaded angles food waste.

A layer of foliage or weeds is laid on the food waste on top, which will remove the unpleasant smell and relieve flies. Compost pits are made, relying on the rule of two years, this means that in the pit there is compost in one part in two years, and in the other part of this pit there is already ready -made compost, which was placed two years earlier. It is better to make a compost hole of covered type, this will provide a more presentable look. It will be convenient if the compost pit has a certain roof, which can be lifted and lowered as necessary. If you provide for worms access to the pit, then you can much accelerate the decomposition process of those objects that are in the compost pit.

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