How to make a suspended gypsum cardboard ceiling?

So you decided to make repairs in the room. Undoubtedly, you need to do something with the ceiling. The ceiling is a very important part of the room. The type of ceiling affects the overall perception of the room.

To date, there are many ways to finish the ceiling. The most beautiful and affordable is the creation of suspended ceilings using drywall. In addition, it is possible to do such work on your own. You just need to show a little patience and endurance.

The materials and tools that you need is not so many. Most importantly, this is the presence of special suspensions that will serve as the basis of your design. The rest of the materials will compose dowels and screws.

First of all, draw a line of location of the first profile on the ceiling using a water level. At a distance of half a meter, place the rest of the profiles alternately, gradually filling the entire perimeter of the room. Insert transverse profiles to strengthen the design of the frame. After all, check the structure for horizontal, using a long level.

The next step in your work will be the installation of drywall sheets. It is necessary to treat each sheet of drywall in advance with a special primer, which will improve waterproofing. Attach a drywall sheet to the frame, fix it with screws. Do not cut the screws of the screws too much so as not to damage the surface of the drywall. Between the sheets, leave a small gap. After the hypos cardboard is completed, the gaps are touched by the gypsum mixture. The ceiling is completely putty, aligned and painted.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this work, but you will make it yourself.

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