Marble and granite comparative characteristics

Marble and granite are materials that for a large amount of time are valued not only among builders, architects and designers, but even from sculptors. These materials have unique qualities, moreover, they have always been valued for their beauty, which is why it is so appreciated in the field of construction and repair, art.

Previously, we could see granite and marble as building material only in public places, most often it is used in places as flooring. The fact is that both granite and marble are very strong and durable materials, they do not abolish, which is especially important for places where a large number of people walk throughout the day. Their strength lies in their origin, since these materials came from metamorphic rocks, which in themselves are very strong.

Each of them has its own unique qualities, its disadvantages and advantages. So, for example, marble begins to collapse in an oxidizing environment, that is, when acid enters. That is why it should not be used as external material, since in the rain and other precipitation there is some proportion of various acids. Also, mentioning flooring, marble scores a little faster than granite.

As for the tactile quality, marble has some advantages over granite, since marble to the touch is much warmer and more pleasant.

How to visually distinguish granite from marble. Everything is quite simple – granite has a more “active” structure, that is, on the stone you can see several colors – from yellow to black and green. In other words, it consists of large particles in the form of grains, which will visually fuse. Marble is more integral, that is, it has a uniform color, but looking closely, you can notice thin lines on the texture, similar to veins. Thus, granite has a grain structure, and marble – layered.

It is difficult to decide on the choice of granite or marble, since both materials have excellent qualities that allow them to use them in various rooms and for a variety of purposes.

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