Filling wells with anchor bolts

The most suitable for the gravy of the Stanin are hard concrete mixtures on fine -grained sand with a reduced cement and water content. Considering that hard concrete mixtures in comparison with concrete of conventional compounds have less mobility, an effective means of increasing the plasticity of mixtures is the introduction of surface-active substances in them-a hydrophobizing additive of a sulfite-synoport bard (SSB) and especially the resin of a neutralized, air-entertaining type of SNV, whose effect manifests itself sharply when vibrating.

Filling wells with anchor bolts with dry sand with a winding of the spaces between the bed and the surface of the foundation; concrete mixture or cement-sand mortar, depending on the requirements provided for by the project, is performed before the top of the Stanin per day.

Pre -level operations, the installation of formwork and gravy of concrete mixture with vibration is carried out under the control of the installers carefully so that the equipment is not shifted.

When the top of the gravy gains a strength of at least 120 kg/cm2, usually no earlier than 7 days after gravy (in the cold season, it is heated by pre-laid electrodes of electric heaters or steam heating pipes), the installation screws are turned to 2-3 revolutions and the nuts of the anchor bolts are finally delayed. If you want to make New Year’s gifts to post -itch beautiful and original? New Year’s boxes for sweets will delight your relatives and friends.

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