Wood in construction

Modern construction, as in the old days, cannot do without wood. It is still considered prestigious to have a wooden house. Wood, in construction, various varieties and rocks are used. Walls and finishes, as a rule, are made of red forest – pine, Christmas tree, cedar. A less noble forest – birch, aspen will also be made for draft work. Regardless of the type of wood, it is advisable to use dried material for construction. Freshly sawn forest, in the process of Usushka, changes in size, which will negatively affect the quality of construction. After construction, do not forget to buy steel doors to the new Domodedovo, it is very easy to install them, so the master will not have to call.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to profitably purchase dry wood. It is much more profitable to purchase raw forest. But the raw forest must be brought independently to the readiness – dry. Raw lumber is dried in stacks. To lay the material in the stack, it is recommended to fabble the entire bark remaining on the material. Further, on the prepared site, the material is laid out in rows, friend on the drag. Special bars are laid between the rows – gaskets, at a distance of no more than one and a half meters to each other. In the next row, the gasket must be over the laying of the previous row. Pilomaterial should dry in a stack for about six months. And if a longer storage is planned, then it is necessary to periodically shift the stack in order to avoid deformation of the material. The dried material can be safely put into business – it is much better and more accurately processed, and the quality of work, over time, will not suffer.

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