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A great option with which you can improve the appearance of the room – cladding with epaulets. Any surface inside or outside the building is radically transformed if it is sheathed with such a material. It should be noted that wooden chanters have a lot of advantages over artificial due to their natural qualities. Many people prefer this material due to its natural purity and beauty, in addition, to achieve the desired effect of repair or construction, relatively low costs will be required. For a room, which in the end should be comfortable and comfortable, you need to choose only natural finishing materials.

It’s no secret that natural finishing materials have excellent aesthetic qualities, they have a pleasant surface, and the appearance will always be worthy. Technical characteristics of natural chanters are no worse, but often even better than unnatural. Noise and thermal insulation of wood will relieve undesirable influences of the external environment and create a microclimate indoors. In addition, this material is very reliable.

Among the epaulets, you can note the assortment of Siberian larch. More and more often it is used to decorate the premises because of its excellent qualities. Pine steps from pine products have a characteristic sign of blue after processing, which cannot be said about the larch. This tree has a greater density, almost the same as the oak, and the fibers are located along the entire barrel, which is characteristic of coniferous trees. It is easy to conclude that the Siberian larch is very durable material. The resin includes substances that do not allow it to rot and scare away harmful insects.

The larch is ideal for lining of saunas and baths, its heat threshold is higher than that of other coniferous trees, and when heated, it does not emit harmful substances. An important property of such a material is the absorption of excess moisture from the atmosphere and the recoil back, due to this, a natural microclimate in the room is created. Siberian larch, without fearing, can be used for external work, bad weather does not spoil its qualities.

At the moment, you can find on sale a huge number of epaulets with various parameters, so it will not be difficult to choose them for any specific type of work. Here are a few examples. One of the most economical ways to make a concrete house similar as two drops of water to a log, this is the cladding of the Block House board. All the irregularities that spoil the type of walls, floor or ceiling are easy to hide with the help of a European carrier or floor boards. Reliable clutch “Ship-Paz” on the sides of the board, will provide easy installation, improve insulation and will not allow it to creak at load. Air ducts on the back of the back will not allow moisture between surfaces. Do not make mistakes with the choice of material, and the quality of the finished work will be excellent.

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