How to choose an hood for a kitchen

The hood has long become an obligatory attribute of any kitchen. It is often difficult for a modern mistress to imagine the absence of this useful accessory, because the hood is just a savior for kitchen furniture, walls and ceiling. Saving a kitchen from soot, the hood eliminates us from unnecessary troubles associated with cleaning.

However, choosing an extract for their kitchen, many are wondering – which one to choose. Indeed, today stores of household appliances offer a large selection of various models that can be purchased at the store or order on the Internet. So, a link to a large online store of equipment will help go to the site and personally study the proposed assortment.

Before buying in advance, decide on the size of your future hood. It should be equal to the size of the hob. However, if the area allows, it is better to choose an hood slightly exceeding the area of ​​your plate.

Depending on the method of installing the hood, it can be divided into several types: built -in, domed and flat. The flat hood will cost the cheapest, but at the same time, it is inferior to other types of its power and requires regular replacement of the filter.

A more practical option would be a dome hood, since it does not require a filter replacement and has a high power. Dome hoods are found in two types: island (attached to the ceiling in any convenient place) and wall.

Built -in hoods have a pipe that is mounted in a kitchen cabinet. It can be either fully built -in or an extract with a raised panel.

Many hood models are equipped with additional functions: clock, backlight, sensory surface, etc. P.

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