Advantages of using linoleum in the living room

Liquid linoleum has some advantages over other types of flooring. One of them is the lack of gaps that do not add beauty to the appearance. In addition, over time, the gaps are expanding. Due to the fact that the area can be different, like the configuration, there will always be extra pieces cut off from ordinary polymer coating.

One of the significant advantages of liquid linoleum is a huge number of colors. Regardless of the complexity of the floor or drawing, when installing the bulk floor, any problems are solved. It is based on decorative elements and various dyes that make the floor unique in their kind. In addition, you always have the opportunity to make the surface of the bulk floor rough, smooth or glossy.

Other positive qualities of liquid linoleum include strength and durability. In ordinary linoleum, the maximum thickness is 0.3 mm, and the bulk floor is several times thicker. Due to this, the life of its operation increases. Due to this, the life of the flooring of liquid linoleum is more than 50 years, and the usual linoleum does not reach half. Given the fact that the floor is under constant load, this is the most important indicator.

Liquid linoleum of the racks to mechanical influences and has increased impact resistance. Damage such as scratches or dents on it almost do not form. In addition, this flooring is waterproof, therefore, when spilling water, it will not be damaged.

Another very important quality of this polymer coating is a complete absence of toxicity and fire safety: it does not burn. Therefore, it is often used in rooms with increased demand for fire safety.

This material is environmentally friendly and harmless to health, as well as unpretentious in cleaning. It is enough to wipe it once a day with a wet rag.

And such a positive indicator as simplicity in repair will appeal to any owner. Repair is carried out very simply. A spoiled piece is cut out, and a new liquid selected in color and pattern is poured into its place.

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