Is it possible to insulate PPU pipes independently independently

Pipes that are designed to maintain heat, that is, thermal -insulated corrugated pipes for sewer are made of special steel. This steel contains a large amount of carbon. This is a very strong element.

Pipe insulation has several types. Each type of insulation depends on how and where the pipes will be used:

– PPU isolation. Due to the presence of a plastic membrane, the pipes can be laid underground. This type is suitable for use for communal or engineering purposes. This isolation has special strength and durability, small heat loss. This can significantly reduce the costs of subsequent repairs and construction.

– Vus isolation. Pipe laying in the ground method becomes possible thanks to two layers of enhanced polyethylene. Such pipes can be used on an industrial scale, for example, for laying gas and oil pipelines. These pipes have quite low water permeability and are perfectly preserved at a temperature of -20 to +60 degrees.

– PPMI isolation. Such isolation has the most difficult composition, it includes three types of isolation at once. Anti -corrosion inner layer, medium – heat -protective and external – hydraulic protection. The advantages include very good resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical influences, as well as a low price.

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