Lokomotiv football team

Sports are health, strength, pride and beauty. And it doesn’t matter what you do, gymnastics or boxing, play tennis, football or hockey. The main thing is to choose a lesson to your liking. After all, only in this case can significant results be achieved. As, for example, players of the Lokomotiv football team, a famous and warmly beloved not only in their native country, but also far beyond its borders. The athletes of the team are real professionals, the best of the best in their kind. The stadiums where the game is held with their participation are collected by thousands of fans and fans.

The stadiums of the team

The first stadium of this club was founded in 1935, and was called “Stalinets”. This site served until the 60s, after which it was demolished and rebuilt. In 2000, the stadium was modernized, namely plastic benches were put, this became a big disadvantage, since the capacity of the stadium was much reduced. For this reason, it was decided to close and completely demolish the stadium, after which it was planned to build a new. The Dynamo stadium became the second home for the locomotive, since the team took home matches on its site, the team also performed at Saturn, which is located in Ramensky. Today the club holds games in the new arena in Cherkizovo.


The colors of this club are a combination of red and green, which in perfect harmony among themselves. At the moment, the form of the team is represented by three species: home, guest, as well as reserve, which is allowed to use instead of the main. The first type of form is made in a traditional style, two club colors, and its front part is supplemented with a graphic print. The guest uniform of the team is white, only the finish of the edges differs, it is represented by green and red flowers.

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