How to install a plastic ceiling in the room yourself

When preparing the surface of the ceiling for installation, it is necessary to close deep cracks and with special anti -Great liquids to eliminate the spots of mold. Then you need to make the necessary measurements for the installation of panels. You need to try to make less waste. For plastic panels, you need to build a wooden frame, where when choosing the thickness of the beam, you need to take into account the presence of built -in lamps. If the installation of the ceiling is carried out in the kitchen or sauna, then the wooden beam must be treated with anti -inflacal moisture -resistant impregnation. Then dry. And you know that now the service photographer for a wedding is popular daily.

The level needs to find the lowest ceiling angle and mark with a pencil. The remaining angles are also marked. The thread stretches from one marked point to another, where the horizontal line is noted along it. You need to make sure there are no distortions. Along the perimeter of the room, according to the size of dowels and screws, the beam is attached. Inside the perimeter at a distance of 50 cm perpendicular to the panels, intermediate bars are located. Then you need to saw the plastic panels in size. They are attached with screws, brackets or thin nails. So the rest of the panels are installed one after another. At the end, the new ceiling is wiped with a soft cloth.

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