DIY wooden gazebo

For the construction of the gazebo, the tree is better than other materials, it is simply not required to work with it, and the utility is not required, except during the construction of the roof. As in the construction of any facility, the construction of the gazebo begins with the organization of the foundation. Pits are dug up at the corners of the gazebo, and the pits must be dug under future walls with a step of 50cm. Wooden pillars treated with an antiseptic are installed in the pits, after which a concrete solution is poured. When pouring, it is necessary to ensure that the pillars in glasses stand strictly vertically. It is advisable to concrete pillars of different heights from different sides, this will save time and material during the construction of the rafter system of the roof. After the concrete hardening, the walls are sheathed with boards.

You can sheathe the walls with a continuous layer, but you can half, then the owner decides. It is advisable to make at least one side of the sheathed completely, it will protect the gazebo from the wind. After that, beams are attached on top of the pillars, which will serve as a support for roofing material. The beams are performed on a crate, on which the roof itself is attached.

The heavier the roof, the less the step of the crate. Paul can be poured with concrete solution, but for a wooden gazebo, it is better to use boards or plywood laid on the lags.

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