How to choose a loudspeaker

So, if you need a loudspeaker, then, choosing it, you need to take into account some factors. The first thing you need to note for yourself where you are going to use this device. If you need to attract the attention of a group of people in a large stadium or on a large street platform, then you will suit a broken megaphone, which is very powerful and has a directed action. Due to these qualities, a robe megaphone provides excellent audibility in the district. Its disadvantage is not too good the quality of the transmitted sounds.

If you need a loudspeaker for work, say, in the exhibition halls or in any other large but closed rooms, then a loudspeaker is suitable for you, which is attached to the belt. It is called – a waist loudspeaker. His power is small, but the sound quality is excellent. It is heard in it very vigilantly and clearly.

Depending on the model, loudspeakers are with an integrated battery, which, from time to time, requires recharging and with interchangeable batteries. Which model is better to choose depends on how much time you need to speak in the loudspeaker. A device with a built -in battery can operate without recharging for about 15 hours. And yet, loudspeakers on batteries are considered more practical.

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