Choose facade paint

If you are going to paint something, focus not only on what color you want to see on your walls, but also on the properties and features of the painted wall. Better yet, ask for advice from a specialist, he will help you choose the type of paint.

Oil paints. Some of the cheapest ones are used most often in order to paint a tree. But are not suitable for painting the walls of the bedroom, since they create a very poorly “breathing” coating. The density of the paint layer depends on how slowly the drying process occurs.

Enamel. Very durable, but fragile. There are two types of enamels: polyurethane and alkyd, both are great for painting your facade.

Mineral paints. Unfortunately, such paints are short -lived and absolutely “no” in terms of strength, however, they are used to stain mineral surfaces or to stain those surfaces on which the mineral paint has already applied. This type of paints includes well -known lime paints that differ in low cost.

Water-dispersion paints. Depending on the type of such colors, they can be both waterproof and non -resistant, but everyone is characterized by low price and relative durability, strength and, of course, elasticity.

Silicone -emulsion paints. Create a very smooth, beautiful and matte surface, while remaining waterproof. One of the best colors for the facade combines many advantages.

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