How to choose a method and equipment for flushing heat exchangers?

Without such a process in the operation of the heat device, you can not do. During inclusion on the design plates, deposits appear that prevent the passage of the coolant. These are all kinds of sulfides, and silicates, and other salts. They are slowly but correctly growing, so over time, the entire system can fail. Therefore, equipment for washing heat exchangers is simply necessary in the process of maintenance. There are such types of exposure:




The latter is carried out without disassembling the heat exchanger. Such washing is carried out in the first stages and even as a prevention. For a more serious scale, a mechanical variety is needed. It requires a complete analysis of equipment, replacement of interchangeable parts (for example, gaskets), the use of special devices. The combined version is a symbiosis of both of them with a partial reconstruction.

Nuances in the flushing of the heat exchanger

If the chemical method requires the presence of a reagent and takes several hours, then with a mechanical you need to disassemble all the plates and use powerful pumps. There should be a tank in the equipment for washing. It is important that it is made of strong, certified materials, because it will be flooded into it with an aggressive medium, that is, with acid. For your purposes, never choose low -power devices – the minimum indicator here is 500 watts. And this is suitable only for household purposes.

For more significant systems, installations are needed, the power of which starts from 700 watts. The larger this characteristic, the higher the likelihood that the flow of acid under pressure with a given speed will be able to remove even an annual scale from the walls. More compact options are small circulating pumps, but they can really buy them only for cottages and private houses. Whatever option you choose, pay attention to strong fasteners and wall thickness, and then the device will serve you for a long time.

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