Technology for creating liquid wallpaper advantages

Very often in apartments, roller wallpapers are used as finishing materials – paper, vinyl, textile and many others. Such wallpapers can hide the cracks and some defects, as well as dusting plaster. But now there is a finishing material – liquid wallpaper. Liquid wallpapers look like a powder, and after applying to the wall forms a flat and even surface. Before you start using the contents of the package, then it should first be brought into a wet state, that is, the required amount of water is introduced into it. By the way, you know that now the inspection of Primorsky district is conducting very often.

The composition of liquid wallpaper has fibers of silk, cotton, cellulose, dyes, as well as components that enhance the quality of the decorative surface. Liquid wallpaper has a wide color scheme and therefore they can be used both in office rooms and a home environment. They have their own advantages: it is not necessary to carefully level the surface;

– can be applied to all vertical and horizontal surfaces;

– There are no joints, cracks on the finished coating;

– It has a good sound – and thermal insulation;

– This is an antistatic and does not attract dust;

– not subject to mold;

– It is very convenient to work;

– It is easy to apply and delete.

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