How to build a veranda in the country yourself

Which country house will do without a veranda? This is not only the decoration of the building, but also a cozy place where you can sit with the whole family and drink tea.

The veranda is usually attached separately to the house. It is quite possible to build it independently. When choosing materials for construction, it is important to determine how long it should be. If the veranda is designed to serve more than one season, it will be advisable to insulate it. This can be done using foam. It will need to be primed from above, covered with plaster and sheathed with lining or other material.

The floor of the veranda is usually made of wood. The option of laying parquet or linoleum is possible. Under the floor you can make a small cellar for storing food.

The windows of the veranda are best made large, so they will pass more light and create a feeling of spacious room.

In general, a summer cottage is a place of permanent construction and repair. Pump repair, laying tiles, erecting a fence – all this does not require special costs and skills of the owner. But the construction of the veranda is actually not so complicated.

Before building the veranda, it is necessary to fill the foundation. If the veranda was planned with the start of the construction of the house, then it is better to fill the foundation at once and for it. It can be columnar, t. To. This option is more economical and can withstand sufficient load. Then it is necessary to build a metal frame, which is subsequently sheathed with plastic or durable plywood. After the construction work, repair work begins on painting the veranda and its decoration.

The best version of the material for the veranda is a tree. It has a low price, high thermal insulation, low weight, environmental friendliness and aesthetic beauty.

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