What to prefer an attic or an attic

When designing a private house, the choice of roof shape plays far from the last role. The most popular attic, attic or ordinary flat roof. Before making a decision, you must familiarize yourself with many nuances associated with these types of roofs.

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A flat version of the roof, is not at all in demand in the construction of a private house. It is not functional, and besides, it will quickly begin to flow. If the attic is under the roof, it will be able to protect the house from cold air. In addition, in most cases, the attic acts as an additional place for storage.

The indisputable advantage of the attic is that due to good ventilation, the roof will last much longer. The only minus of the attic is the difficulty of its implementation and high cost. Recent years have been marked by the appearance of attic. The attic is a mix of an additional room in which you can live a roof.

The construction of the attic is cheaper and provides the opportunity to increase living space. Perhaps the only, but very significant minus of the attic is increased humidity. If the construction work is incorrectly performed, the roof of the attic accumulates water, and then just starts to flow. However, with the advent of advanced building materials, this problem managed to solve.

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