How to repair a fireplace?

Camines combustion chambers in the house for all construction rules should be laid out of refractory bricks. Also, for complete safety, it is necessary to carefully examine the fireplace from the inside every half a year. After a long use of the wall of the combustion, the combustion chamber can crack or crumble from the inside.

In this situation, it is best to immediately repair the damaged fireplace. But how to do it? A very important point of such repairs is the right material. Remember, since in the fireplace the material is constantly in very high temperatures, only special cement must be used to strengthen the crushing walls, which can withstand high temperatures up to a thousand degrees. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging, there manufacturers usually indicate recommendations for diluting cement with water. The prepared material will be suitable for use for about 60 minutes, then its qualities will be lost. After the repair work is completed, the fireplace must be left alone for a couple of days, and then it can be put into operation again.

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