What is the protection on the locks of what to take into account

The reliability and quality of the castle is largely determined by the manufacturer – domestic or foreign. However, in this article we will not talk about specific models of castles, but about the properties by which these products differ – hacking resistance and secrecy.

But let’s start with the mounting method. Door locks are cut and overhead mechanical. The former almost do not stand out on the surface of the door array, although they can noticeably weaken the door at the place of fixation. This minus can be avoided if the installation work was carried out correctly. Smeal locks are ideal for armored and metal entrance doors, since the doors reliably close the lock, making it inaccessible to crackers, and the lock reliably locks the door. False locks differ from the mortise outwardly – they stand out on the intra -apartment side of the door.

Now about the hacking resistance. Four protection classes stand out here. The weakest is the first class-such locks are very prone to hacking, and even an inexperienced cracker will cope with them in three to five minutes. A little more than five minutes can hold out locks of the second class. Locks of the third and fourth class are usually installed on the entrance doors, which hold the attacker for more than 10-15 and 30-40 minutes, respectively. However, it is important to remember that the door should be the right structure, not to protrude beyond the door box, otherwise it will be possible to insert a lever of one or another into the gap between the door and the box and the box. No castle will protect against such an effect.

As for secrecy, this is the property of the castle that protects the mechanism from the “mental” effect. The cylinder lock mechanism has a given number of combinations that correspond to the keys used. The number of these combinations provides higher reliability, since in some cases it is almost impossible to find a master key, especially if there are more than one hundred thousand such “sets” inside the castle.

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