Carpet mosaic what is features

In order to stop to work, you need to make sketches if multi -colored tiles should be considered how to join them with neighboring cards. If you work in one color, you can not do it. Sort cards by color and drawing, this will help you not get confused in the laying process. Holes should be made on the paper membrane so that air bags do not form. Before laying the floor, it is important to align well, hung up, and moisten. Then mark the floor similarly to lay ceramic tiles.

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After marking, it is necessary to lay out temporary lighthouse rows along the walls of the room, if you stand with your back to the entrance. It is necessary to lay it with longitudinal rows, from the front door of the wall, which is located on the opposite side, and moving to the entrance. We start laying from the left corner, and move from the leve to the right, we lay the second row in the opposite direction. At times you need to pull the mooring cord.

Mastic for laying or a solution apply a thin layer to small areas. The mosaic card should be rolled into a roll, shame it with a line of the mark and gradually unfold. The rug must be slightly pressed with a rubber clay or roller. Carefully follow the seams, in width they should all be the same size. Also, after laying, you should remove the facial paper coating of mosaic cards. This can be done with a brush, then wipe with a rag.

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