How a working visa in the USA is issued?

The framework of any business, including construction, can be expanded outside their state. Why not try strength in work on the territory of such a successful and developed power as the United States? The country of opportunities is always waiting for specialists, but on a par with enthusiasm and professional skills, you will need a visa to America.

What you need to get a document?

To carry out work abroad, you need a visa of a certain category – working. You can get a document by submitting a petition (when applying, you will need its incoming number). Also, an invitation from the employer in the United States should be provided to the embassy.

The basis for obtaining the treasured permit is the corresponding qualification of the applicant. It needs to be confirmed by collecting a package of documents: a diploma of higher education and paper in which work experience is recorded. Finally, you will need materials for the correct design of your personal data: electronic questionnaire, passport and photo. Make a consular fee and wait for a finished visa!

What if the plans have changed?

Often, people who came to America work to stay there to stay there. If the grounds for your stay in the country have become different, you will need to change the US visa to non -immigration status (for example, training F1). This issue will be settled by the public service that is engaged in the affairs of visitors. Of course, the procedure will take a lot of time, but it will give you the right to be in America without making problems. Indeed, in the absence of documents corresponding to the real status, your stay in the country is illegal. On the contrary, correctly decorated papers allow you to legally and fully live and work outside Russia.

Do not neglect the norms and timely acquire the necessary permits. Then both business and everyday life in the United States will be successful!

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