Criteria for choosing a wooden lining

A wooden lining is a reliable and universal finishing material that is used for lining a bath, cottage, houses and other premises both from the inside and outside. There are several criteria by which it should be selected. The first of them is the material of manufacture. It can be a linden lip, alder, aspen, larch or coniferous breeds – pine, spruce. For production, a first -class forest is selected without cracks and chips, and then processed high accuracy. The choice of material from one or another wood must be made depending on personal aesthetic preferences.

Another criterion for the selection of lining is its size. The technical characteristics of the planks indicate three parameters in millimeters. The first number means thickness, the second – the width and the third – the length. To decide on the last parameter, you just need to measure the area that is planned to sheathe. The thickness indicates what load the plank can withstand, because the insulation is often laid under it. If we are talking about lining the ceiling, it is advisable to choose a thicker material, but not exceeding 16 mm. The choice of width of the lining depends on the individual preferences of the buyer.

How to determine the quality of the lining

The quality of the lining is influenced by its humidity, measured using a moisture meter, which should have every serious seller. You should ask him to measure the moisture content of several planks in a stack of choice. The ideal option is a 7 %indicator, it is better that it is not higher than 10 %. Also, the boards should do exactly the entire length. The appearance of cracks indicates improper storage or processing of goods. Each board is usually packaged in separate polyethylene, and if the seller refused to unpack any for familiarization, it is worth thinking about the quality of products.

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