Gable roofs

This article says about the installation of gable roofs . In general, what is the roof in the usual sense ? And many people will argue that the roof is a defender of the house from various precipitation atmospheric .(Whether it is either rain, or snow, or hail). Indeed, protection against atmospheric precipitation is its main role . The roof is also the final stage of the construction of a building . Looking at the roof, she can tell what the taste of the owner, as well as his financial situation . The roof is such a design that transfers the external load on the wall of the house. Now the oil designer MS-2 is very popular, to find out more about it will not be superfluous in their free time, for example, after repairing the roof.

What are the roofs all the same ?.

1) single -sided.

These roofs are very rare when used for houses .

2) gable.

This option is almost the most popular of all others . And it is mainly used in low -rise construction .

3) four -sided .

The design of this roof is the most complex of all others . For the manufacture of gable roofs, cut boards of 50 by 50 millimeters are necessary . As well as bars one hundred and fifty to one hundred and fifty millimeters . The translation must be laid with the release of at least four hundred millimeters from the outer edges of the walls . And this will provide protection for the house from rain sediments .

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