Glebichevo tiles – European quality

The creation of unique and bright interiors often does not do without the use of tiles. And the use of agglomerate tiles, the production of which requires large costs and professionalism, is an indicator of the quality of construction. Such tiles have been produced at the Glebchevsky ceramic plant since 2004. The company is located near the city of Vyborg, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, and was originally focused on the release of brick and ceramic facade tiles. It has now installed Italian equipment from Breton, with the help of which the plant is able to provide ceramic tiles of the high quality of the city of Russia. The company is constantly developing, the range of production is expanding, an increase in the number of jobs and the introduction of the latest technologies in production occurs. After the modernization of the plant, its products became in demand, which means further development and expansion is a matter of a near future.

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