How to make a small kitchen cozy and comfortable

The smell of morning coffee, appetizing gurgling of borscht, seductive aromas of the evening meal – All this invariably attracts us in the most cozy place in any apartment. To the kitchen.

Convenient and rational organization of kitchen space, coupled with comfort, warmth and unique style – Business card of any housewife. Fortunately, the market for the production of kitchen furniture is so great today that it will satisfy any female whims regardless of the area of ​​the room. The new online store in Moscow will help you choose the rest of the items that are important to create comfort.

A small kitchen, for example, can be attached to the living room or dining room, having dismantled the interior partition. Such a combined version of the kitchen and living room is now in fashion. Mainly due to practicality – Everything is at hand. And also because in our speed time we are no longer so painstakingly engaged in the preparation of home yummy, trying to eat on the go.

If you are a lover of pampering your household with culinary sorts, then the room of isolated kitchen is more suitable for you. The main reason – Interim garbage and abundant smells accompanying cooking. It is one thing when it smells nice at the table, and it is completely different when all the clothes, furniture and even my favorite cat smeared with the smell of the kitchen.

All kinds of household appliances will greatly facilitate your troubles. But try not to overload the kitchen space, classically organized into a triangle «stove, work surface, washing». Dishwasher, a small refrigerator inside the desktop will save a place and at the same time will become much more convenient to use. Sliding or folding dining table, shelves for dishes on wheels, rating between lower and upper tiers – important elements that help use the space more rationally. The new online store of dishes in Moscow offers dishes, which will become an interior decoration, it does not need to be hidden from prying eyes, on the contrary, you can buy cups and glasses, for example, which will hang on special holders – Saving space is combined with a stylish design.

You choose the style of design and color scheme of the kitchen yourself. And the best adviser here will be only your taste and imagination. Remember only that the correctly selected color scheme improves not only mood, but also appetite. So you have plenty of appetite!

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