How to competently paint the ceiling in the room yourself

Of course, everyone should know that before starting to paint the ceiling, you need to prepare the surface, select high -quality paint, as well as apply it to the surface correctly, while observing the characteristics and requirements indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. Non -compliance with at least one of the above points will lead to remaking the entire work as a whole. As for consumables, here you need to have at hand, a primer, putty, sandpaper, sticky tape, etc. D. Now some repairs use Rapala special clothes so as not to get dirty.

After all the components are already in the room, you can start preparatory work, but here it is necessary to first inspect the ceiling, since it is necessary to find out what material is currently painted by the surface. In the case when the ceiling is whitewashed or covered with lime, it is necessary to remove the old coating, and then thoroughly rinse the ceiling with water. If the ceiling was previously painted, and latex or acrylic paint was used, then it is necessary to primed it. It happens that it is necessary to paint the ceiling in a room with a low humidity coefficient, and it is here that it is necessary to pre -treat it with fine -grained putty.

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