Engineering communications in the Distinction House

Engineering communications in a country house necessarily include a water supply system, which is impossible to do without. Given that not every country house can be connected to the central system of water communications, you have to think about the installation of autonomous water supply.

Most often, the cost of drilling wells on water is cheaper than, for example, a well equipment. True, there are more expensive artesian sources that are drilling to a greater depth and have a maximum resource. After the well has been drilled and it is casing, work begins on the installation of a water supply system. They begin with the equipment of the caisson – a special well, in which there is a locking reinforcement, a power point for a submersible pump, as well as tanks for accumulating water. Kesson is usually equipped in the immediate vicinity of the well, but more often – around her head. Cesson’s depth depends on the depth of freezing of the soil. If the house already has communications – water supply and heating, then after the Cesson equipment, the well is connected to the house systems. If there are no communications, then, after preliminary design, the water supply system of a suburban house from zero is installed.

As a rule, the water supply system includes not only the supply of cold water to the house, but also its heating, cleaning. An integral part of the system is also sewage and heating. It is advisable to make work on laying all water communications comprehensively, since the same laying of pipes often requires the holes in the walls and ceilings, digging ditches and other works, which are best done at a time.

The installation of the sewage system can be carried out either by installing a septic tank with a full cleaning cycle, or using a tank, which will periodically pump out an assenced machine. It should be remembered that the location of the filtration fields next to the well on the sand is extremely undesirable, since the standard water treatment for a country house may not cope with its task.

Water communications in a country house should be installed only after careful design, only then can it be expected that they will function normally and without breakdowns. Affects the quality of communications and the availability of good materials, as well as the experience of the team of installers.

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