We care for parquet

If you recently laid the parquet, and now every day you admire this smooth, lacquered and shiny surface, then most likely they have been worried more than once, as if not to spoil it, as if not to leave a dent or spot. In order for your parquet to serve you for a long time and correctly, you should remember several principles of parquet care.

First, do not go on the parking lots in heels. It is precisely because of shoes with a sharp heel that parquet suffers, cracks, scratches and dents appear on it. Even a high -quality Praktik laminate has the same property!

Secondly, try your parquet to plunge with high humidity or temperature differences.

Thirdly, a spill of any liquid, be sure to immediately wipe it, do not allow the liquid to absorb.

Fourthly, carry out high-quality cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wash the floor, you can wipe it with a slightly damp sponge.

Also do not forget that you need to buy special furniture legs, then it will not scratch your precious parquet.

But these are only warnings. For additional protection, purchase special wax-containing polishes that will create a film, which will help to live a parquet longer, or active substances that will allow you to protect the joints, or special emergency substances that will be able to remove any spots from food or drinks.

Remember: the more attentive you will relate to your own parquet, the longer and more devoted to you will serve you, will not deteriorate or lose its splendor and smoothness.

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