Features of the laminate as a floor covering

Demand for such a flooring as a laminate increases all the time. If earlier it was possible to say that linoleum simply does not have competitors, then today there is no more confidence. The fact is that the laminate acts as a rather serious enemy. But why did it turn out just like that?

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Laminate production is developing very quickly. There are already a lot of varieties of this material today. And each of them is characterized by some of their own characteristics. If you turn to the structure of this material and consider it in detail, it can be said that it consists of several layers.

The laminate is quite close in characteristics to the parquet board. But the differences are still quite strong. For example, a parquet board is made completely from wood. The laminate is made of synthetic raw materials and has only a background of wood. In addition, the laminate also has a protective layer.

The wear resistance of this coating is very high. There are many classes into which the laminate is divided. You can understand how strong the specific material is. Like linoleum, laminate can be used in ordinary dwellings and offices. Accordingly, their characteristics are very different.

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