Grounding what is it why you need to do

What is the grounding for? Just to protect a person from a shock when touching metal objects under voltage. This also concerns static ecriticism, which, having accumulated, can strongly "hit".

What is the grounding for?

Why is it so important to ground the machine for washing, which is located in a room with high moisture. It is necessary to ground all other equipment: computers, electric plates and other.

The case of the metal of the house is connected to the wire, which "goes" In the ground. Sometimes it happens that isolation is damaged and the electrical wire concerns our home appliances.

In this case, our car for washing, or say … the microwave is beating.

And this is quite serious! Voltage protection is when the metal case is combined with grounding, then our home device will not fight the current.

In new and modern buildings, the electric network is equipped with a protective shutdown device – RCD. In the version of a strong leakage, the device completely turns off the entire living space from ecriticism.

New buildings are equipped with specialized sockets with grounding contacts.

If, for example, there are no grounded outlets, and you plan to join energy intensive equipment (panel, washing machine), then you should fork out for a brand new electrical wiring.

There is never anything to attach a wire for grounding to heating pipes or water pipes. This can endlessly end not only for you, but also for your neighbors.

In electrical engineering there is a specialized symbol that classifies grounding: three horizontal stripes of various lengths and a strip perpendicular to it.

Black lines on a yellow background. The grounding symbol means the need to ground the structure, and the safety sign "Grounding" label objects and areas of antistatics. In the next article, we will talk about how to make grounding with our own hands.


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