How to insulate the roof of polyurethane foam

Very often the roof passes the air due to the fact that it is not made high quality. Through the roofs that are being built now it leaves the house from the house. In order for the heat to remain in the room, you need to perform not only internal work, but also perform external insulation.

You will need different materials to warm the roof. Now the builders began to insulate the roofs with polyurethane foam, it just needs to be sprayed on the surface.

When you need to use polyurethane foam: with its low weight, it does not load the structure and increases after it is sprayed, it does not pass moisture and has good sound insulation. If you are going to insulate the roof with this method, then you should know that it has good vapor proceedings. Therefore, this method is remarkable for roof insulation, if everything is done in a seamless way.

It is very important to do everything with high quality. If you do everything yourself, then you can leave the intervals through which the cold will pass, and in places of connection, condensate can form over time, which in a few years can lead to the destruction of the building. And therefore, in order for no such problems in the future, it will be better to contact professionals.

The advantages of PPU insulation from the inside: completely waterproof, harmless, resistant to microorganisms, prevents heat loss.

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