House from foam blocks

Foam concrete is a well -known cellular concrete, which has a porous structure, it is obtained by mixing sand, a solution of cement and water with foam. Foam concrete is used not only in the construction of houses of classical variation, it is also used in the form of soundproofing material for cycling of floors, wall surfaces, floor slabs and roofs. This concrete is called monolithic.

Foam concrete blocks are produced using cutting technology and cast technology. Cast technology is to fill the mixture into prepared forms of standard size. Cutting technology involves pouring the mixture into a voluminous rectangular container and, as soon as the foam concrete array freezes, it is cut to blocks of the required size.

Independent construction of houses from this material will not be difficult, foam concrete blocks can easily be drilled and cut, due to this you can build a dream house.

The technology for performing foam concrete blocks is carried out in the form of reinforcing foam concrete blocks, which is carried out by adding special polypropylene fiber. It plays a fairly important role as a reinforcing component and is quite evenly distributed in the foam concrete mass. It significantly increases the strength of foam concrete to tensile, bend, compression and gap.

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