Hominids studied in animals

Some scientists suggest that the ancestors of a person have learned to many aspects of the “civilized” life, observing the animal world. So, they could add to alcohol, observing the behavior of elephants – it is known that elephants independently prepare a strong drink, raiding fallen fruits into a heap and waiting for their fermentation.

Dear friends of our site and you know that now in country houses and dachas they began to lay the lawn usually call masters for this. But some visit the Catalog/Gazon/Mk website and read useful information about the lawn there and put it with their own hands.

The first people could come to the idea of ​​monumental construction, imitating the termites. Their huge structures still surprise not only simple nature lovers, but even professors of biology and architectural historians.

Another possible reason for the appearance of monumental construction is the resettlement of people by the planet. So, a tribe, which had previously lived in the mountains and dedicating the highest peaks to the gods, after relocation to low regions began to build artificial mountains. This is the story of the Middle Eastern Zikucrats (including the “Babylonian Tower”).

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