Waterproofing membrane tendon

Waterproofing membrane tendon.

The waterproofing membrane Thefond is an innovation in the field of the construction world, which appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to interest consumers. Manufacturers manufacture thefond for the latest technologies, strictly following quality standards and GOSTs. The scope of the membrane is very wide: waterproofing walls, ventilation of structures, drying, strengthening of soil, as drainage, etc. D. A large spectrum of operational qualities allows you to use the Technology.

1. The membrane is made of high -quality polyethylene, which gives the material with high durable and durable qualities.

2. The fund has high anti -corrosion characteristics that protect structures from moisture, damp, mold and harmful substances.

3. The membrane is not toxic, does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, the coating is safe for humans.

4. Double locks enhance the effect of reliability and strength of structures, as a rule, they are made in a mechanical version.

5. The membrane is used for almost any surfaces that have different shapes and sizes. It is produced in rolls and can be cut to the size you need.

6. Manufacturers also recommend using a teenx for vertical structures, which significantly expands the spectrum of work.

7. It is possible to use a membrane for internal protection of buildings, as sound insulation and protection against moisture. Build consult with specialists who will recommend how to do it best.

8. A fairly low price allows the use of a membrane, both in private buildings and in large -scale projects.

9. Included with the membrane, all additional devices and fasteners are attached, which will simplify and accelerate the installation process. Use the modern membrane thefond, which will last you for many years faithful and truth.

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