Choosing a door lock

The most important part of any door is, of course, the door lock. The quality of the door leaf and door loops also plays a large role, but still the castle is the main protection of your property. So how do you choose a door lock? What, first of all, should be paid attention to?

Now our market is widely represented a huge assortment of various castles. The first thing to be guided by when buying a door lock is that it should approach your type of front door. In this case, you need to choose a castle that would be reliable, beautiful and convenient to use. There are several types of door locks. Consider three types of locks.

The first type of locks is leggings. These castles are very simple, and to understand their device can do each person. But, despite the apparent simplicity of the device, the legged castle is very reliable. The main locking element of this castle is the suvald. And, as you know, the more details the castle has, the more difficult it will be to hack it to the attackers. The keys of the leaf locks are massive, they have a beard on which there are a large number of slots. The disadvantages of the slurry locks are a large lock width. And due to a large width, there may be problems in installing. The cylindrical castle is significantly different from. Such a castle has a core, which is made in the form of a cylinder. Thanks to the special design of the cylindrical lock, it will be very difficult to open. And due to the fact that the core of the cylindrical lock is made of a particularly durable alloy, such a lock can last you for more than one year. And the last one of the types in question is smarter. Smartlock is a completely new type of door lock. You can open such a lock, if you dial a specific code. Identification can also be carried out by scanning the retina or on the fingerprints.

Which interior doors are the best?

Any person seeks to equip his house so that it is filled with comfort and comfort of home space. At the same time, do not forget about such an important factor in the arrangement of the house as correctly selected interior doors. The choice of interior doors is very large to make the right choice you need to pay attention to the features of the doors due to the design of the models, the materials used for the production of doors, and you should not ignore the appearance that should be in harmony with the interior in general.

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